MYO products to be featured in 271 locations of leading UK retailer

Toronto, March 18, 2021 – Yooma Wellness Inc. (“Yooma“) (CSE: YOOM), a Toronto-based global wellness platform that develops and markets a portfolio of wellness brands, today announces the launch of its MYO Plant Nutrition (“MYO”) brand in Holland & Barrett, a leading UK health food retailer.

MYO Plant Nutrition combines high-quality plant-based ingredients with carefully selected key active ingredients to form functional nutrition products including plant proteins, branched-chain amino acids (“BCAA’s”), essential amino acids (“EAA’s”) and CBD oils.

With over 1,300 stores in 16 countries and with a focus on health foods, vitamins and supplements, Holland & Barrett is a perfect fit retailer to bring MYO Plant Nutrition to a wide and growing body of wellness consumers. The listing is comprised of 9 MYO SKU’s including our REBUILD 6 Plant Protein, REPAIR BCAA, CBD, Glutamine pre and post training blend and our EAA + CocoMineral® intra-training blend.  The MYO products will initially be featured in 271 Holland & Barrett locations.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Holland & Barrett for the launch of MYO Plant Nutrition. It is a fantastic opportunity to bring our active nutrition products, both CBD based and non-CBD based, to the mainstream UK wellness consumer. We have strong marketing plans for the upcoming year and look forward to developing a cornerstone relationship with Holland & Barrett,” said James Lawson Baker, founder of MYO Plant Nutrition. 

About Yooma Wellness Inc.

Yooma’s mission is to build a global leader in the marketing, distribution, and sale of wellness products including hemp seed oil and hemp-derived and cannabinoid (CBD) ingredients. The company leverages strategically curated sales channels and ecommerce networks to deliver a diverse mix of wellness products through subsidiaries in China, Japan, and the United States. Yooma has assembled an international team of multicultural industry professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing, ecommerce and social media in the EU, North America, and the pan-Asian region, with particular depth in the Chinese ecommerce market. Learn more at www.yooma.ca.

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